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SIEMENS Low Voltage

SIEMENS Low voltage products

Detailed Description:

includes function modules which allow for an easy and flexible adaptation to new requirements.
As an innovation, we now also offer three-phase solid-state contactors and reversing contactors for motor switching. Thanks to their integration in the SIRIUS modular system, motor feeders can be assembled rapidly and easily. 
SIRIUS Contactors - Siemens Contactor 
Switching with SIRIUS means high contact reliability and increased service life and application options under extreme conditions.
Key features of the SIRIUS system: all devices are suitable as stand-alone devices, as modules for complete load feeders and for installation in low-voltage distribution boards/switchgear. 
SIRIUS Coupling Technology 
For the purposes of electrical isolation, amplification and signal matching, coupling relays and transformers are required between the control system and the peripherals. Coupling relays are used for digital signals and transformers are used for all analog signals, whereby the basic application is the same.
Various criteria apply when selecting products. The device should be compact as well as easy to connect on one level. Whatever your requirements, Siemens has an optimized product to meet your needs.
SIRIUS Overload Relays - Siemens Relayes 
If overload, phase imbalance or phase failure occur in the main circuit, then it doesn’t look good for the connected load – that is if you are not reliably protected. With SIRIUS overload relays. 
Siemens Circuit-breakers 
Circuit-breakers up to 100 A
SIRIUS 3RV circuit-breakers are compact, current-limiting circuit-breakers. They ensure safe shutdown in the event of a short-circuit and protect loads and plants against overload. Furthermore, they are also suitable for manually switching loads under field conditions and safely isolating the plant from the main power supply when maintenance work or modifications need to be undertaken.
Just like all SIRIUS devices, the circuit-breakers are suitable for side-by-side mounting up to 60 °C. In addition to the usual CLOSED/OPEN circuit-breaker positions the TRIPPED position is also indicated. SIRIUS circuit-breakers can be connected easily and without any wiring to the SIRIUS contactors and soft starters through a link module.
The clear, structured range is electrically, mechanically and optically harmonised to the other families of SIRIUS devices – contactors,soft starters and overload relays. Furthermore, the four sizes cover a current range up to 100 A. This corresponds to a power range up to 45 kW at 400 V AC.

Molded-case Circuit-breakers up to 800 A
The 3RV10 and 3RV13 molded-case Siemens circuit-breakers up to 800 A are compact, current-limiting circuit breakers that can mainly be used in load feeders for special voltages of 440 V, 480 V, 550 V and 690 V. They are used for switching and protecting three-phase motors and other loads with rated currents up to 800 A.
For the SIRIUS family of devices there are tables available for compiling tested combinations in accordance with IEC 60947-4-1 both for the 3RV1 circuit breaker up to 100 A and for the 3RV1 molded-case circuit breaker up to 800 A.  
Siemens Soft Starters 
Nowadays, three-phase motors represent the most favored type of drive concept. Direct starting or star-delta starting is, in many cases, not the best solution. Such methods often result in unpleasant side-effects such as mechanical impacts inside the machine or voltage dips in the power supply system.
Our new SIRIUS family of Siemens soft starters is a comprehensive range of products covering all the standard and high-feature motor-starting applications. The advantages of soft start-up and smooth ramp-down with these devices can therefore be exploited in the most varied of applications for simple and economically efficient machinery and equipment layouts.
New softstarters 3RW40 are now available in sizes S0, S2 and S3.
The direct online starter
A simple starter configuration comprising circuit-breaker and contactor without starting steps or soft starting is the right solution for drives such as pumps, saws and similar applications. However, this also applies to large drives, for example, amusement rides and rolling mills can be directly started with SIRIUS. A direct online start is characterised by the high motor starting torque.

SIRIUS completely covers the power range from 0.06 to 250 kW at 400 V.

SIRIUS 3RA6 Compact Starters
The SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starter complies with all the current demands placed on load feeder design in a single compact housing: Based on current market trends, it offers a high degree of functionality and flexibility, provides for highly available and future-proof machine concepts while reducing overheads from the configuring to the commissioning phase.

SIMATIC ET 200S Standard Motor Starters
SIMATIC ET 200S Motor Starters tidy up your control cabinet by cutting space and wiring requirements in half! Fully pre-wired units can even be disconnected under power during operation.
Installation is simple too: click the distributed I/O system onto the mounting rail – and you can get started right away!
The safe innovation for the centralized control cabinet or distributed control boxes – SIMATIC ET 200S Standard Motor Start

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